Episode 20 - Pig & Porter Brewery (Sean Ayling)

Hello and welcome to episode 20 of the Wonder Junkie Podcast featuring Sean Ayling from the Pig & Porter Brewery...mmmm beer. 

Great to speak to Sean at his brewery in Tunbridge Wells, if you haven't heard of Pig & Porter before, it's a tale of fate and serendipity, ability and determination. And a love of beer that keeps leading them to new places. Like many good things, Pig and Porter was conceived around a kitchen table. On one side, Sean, positively evangelic about great modern beers who’d been brewing in his shed for several years “because it was cheaper than buying it”. On the other, Robin, a keen amateur cook recovering from several eye operations and disillusioned with recruitment. In the middle, a pile of bottles and some burgers.

From that conversation the “kernel” of an idea was formed. Beer and burgers replaced tea and cake at the Ashburnham Flower Show and Fete, and then they were asked to do barn dances and a wedding. They took the pig by the tail and started the business.

Sean is one of the nicest guys you'll meet and will be the official brewer for Primordial Radio, so it was great to speak to him about how the beer is made, his journey into starting his own business and what new beers he's currently working on!

Check out Pig & Porter online at http://www.pigandporter.co.uk and follow Sean on Twitter at https://twitter.com/seanayling